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“I enjoy the classroom setting because the children learn to work together. It introduces the children to different personalities and how to deal with that. I enjoy music because I have no music talent to teach my children. Science is also important. We always seem to forget about it at home.” ~ Parent.

My favorite aspect of Schola Rosa is “The cheerful interaction the children have with other students and teachers. It keeps me, mom/teacher, on a schedule. They do and see things I would have to work hard to make happen, i.e. many hands make the work light. We LOVE Schola Rosa!!!” ~ Parent in Virginia.

“It’s a huge help to have lesson ideas laid out for you. I no longer have to spend hours on the Internet searching ideas for my children’s lessons, unless I want to. It is a huge time saver. I like having a choice of ideas to chose from. Variety is a wonderful tool when teaching multiple students.” ~ Teacher in Virginia

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