SR_Graphic_LARGEHow Do We Get Started?

Co-op enrollments begin with local recruitment! After you have determined interest, your group pays a CO-OP DEPOSIT to take advantage of special rates and extra content.

Let’s Get Started:

  • Start forming a local co-op with the promotional guide below.
  • Enroll your co-op online HERE

“I’ve been a Schola Rosa Director for three years now, and I just want to tell other directors out there who are thinking of starting a co-op, that it might seem tough to get your group together the first year, but boy, are we having a great time! Thank you, Schola Rosa!” ~ Director, Oklahoma 


How to Get Started

How to Recruit

“There are too many! I love that the students get exposure to a classroom setting and authority other than their own parents, without it losing the benefits of a small community. Virtue is stressed, rather than good behavior for the sake of getting through the day. It is like school, but still homeschooling, and I love that about Schola Rosa.” ~ Parent in Virginia.

“Our first years as a homeschool co-op, we just chose extracurricular activities year-to-year, but eventually we felt called to be an academic co-op with administrative support. Schola Rosa has made our co-op a success and taken the worry out of administration.” ~ Director, Florida

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