The Schola Rosa Home Curriculum is for Preschool to 9th Grade. We designed this Catholic, Classical program for self-paced use in the home with special attention given to the Catholic liturgy inside the home and to the classical instruction of many ages at a time.   The curriculum is organized by historical and scientific cycles that allow you and all your children to be on the same topics at different levels, making teaching easier for parents. We deliver the curriculum to you via username and password for access to the online suite of materials.


 Quick Start with Electronic Delivery


Most Books, Coloring Pages, Activities, and Lessons are Digitally Provided.

PreK to 6th Grade ~ All Subjects

All-in-One Enrollment = Lesson plans, activities, printables, video, audiobooks, digital library, and consultations!

Classically Catholic Memory Inside!

6th to 9th Grade ~ Humanities

Great Books, Literature, Latin, Logic, Rhetoric, German, and French

Digitally Provided = inexpensive and flexible

Historical & Scientific Cycles


Cycles allow your students to be on the same big topics.


Easy to Teach All Levels


Guided Activities and Lessons for all the Levels for Ease-of-Use.


True to the Magisterium


Every subject enriched by the Catholic Tradition.


Classical with Tech


Can’t afford a Classicist’s Library? We deliver it digitally!

Find Out More about the Curriculum:

Overview – Read about the program and download the “Schola Rosa Curriculum Guide” for details. 

Cycles – Explore the Cycles at a Glance. 

Grades – Look at the Cycles by Grade Range.

Subjects – Read about each Subject in more detail.

New in 2017 – Discover what’s new this coming year!

Transcripts – Learn how to create transcripts and discover valuable resources to help you along the way.

Log-In – Log-in for Families already in the curriculum or see Samples as a guest. 

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