ReadingOverview of Reading Program

Schola Rosa: Co-op & Home Curriculum Reading program provides these priceless resources digitally within the curriculum suite, leaving a family free to choose “to buy or  not to buy.” Should you opt to purchase hard copies, they are available at Mott Media, LLC.

“How would McGuffey teach reading if he were here today? His first concern would be that the content should promote moral growth and excellence of mind in habits, attitudes, and literary tastes. And Bible selections would be at the top of his reading list. McGuffey also believed in phonics for beginning reading. Methods and timing should be adapted to the individuality of each child. Parents should not send their dearest treasure off to school too early in life, but should proceed at the child’s own pace. This preserves the vigor of his mental action. McGuffey believed in memorizing as a way to develop habits of attention that promote understanding and mastery of ALL learning, even those studies which are not memorized. McGuffey believed that an obvious result of a cultivated mind is a wide vocabulary. And the best way to cultivate a wide vocabulary is to learn words in their context, as in studying the important ideas and noble thoughts presented in the Readers. These principles produce the education that shaped American character, particularly in the West, for over one hundred years. It’s the kind of education the majority of Americans want and need today.”


Workbooks are also available from Mott Media. These may be purchased to supplement further should you wish.

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