Brief Description of Schola Philosophiae Courses:

Our “school of philosophy” courses seek to offer guidance in the pursuit of wisdom, the most important purpose to which the tools of the trivium can be applied.  Taking first man and his nature as our focus, we next look at moral theology, then natural law particularly, then God as known and/or sought by our natural abilities, and finally God as revealed by Faith.  The whole is meant to bring the student to a knowledge of the self and an awareness of the unique message and fulfillment that Christ offers to our basic human need.

Grade Range: 10th – 12th

Pre-Requisite: Trivium Studies, Levels 1-3

Note: These courses are being released to Schola Rosa Co-ops based on existing co-op needs. 

Detailed Descriptions:

  • Level 1 ~ Human Nature & Ethics (Not available 2016)

This course is the first to use what we call the ‘philosophical adventures’ approach. Rather than merely reading about ideas, students take ideas into the field to try them out against their own experiences using the tools they gained in trivium studies. In this class, students will encounter humans and the human condition in a variety of ways in an attempt to answer the basic question “What is a human being?” They will seek to define human nature and catalogue its powers. Consideration will be given to the practices that set man apart from other animals, the unique inner life of man, and the deep dignity of the human soul. This consideration directs the students to the natural follow-up question “What is the point of human life?” Following Aquinas commenting on Aristotle, we will consider just what happiness is, whether it is our goal, and how we are to attain it. Ultimately, the class will make the case that God as revealed to us in Christ provides the ultimate and most compelling answer to these basic human questions. An exploration of the Catholic view of morality rounds out the class. The students’ logical and rhetorical skills go by the wayside; there are regular assignments that require analysis and composition of arguments.

  • Level 2 ~ Natural Theology & Law (Not available 2016)
  • Level 3 ~ Revealed Theology (Not available 2016)

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