Overview in Brief

Schola Rosa: Co-op & Home Curriculum is for Catholic families and co-ops with children in Pre-K to 12th Grade. Schola Rosa is BOTH a 30-week integrated co-op program AND a full day-to-day home study curriculum.  The contents of the curriculum are made available to co-ops and families in online suites, accessible at any time, even to hand-held devices.  The curriculum writers provide administrative and academic support.

3 Historical and Scientific Cycles For All Grades Comprehensive Subjects Affordable!

How does it Work?

Step 1: Log-In 

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Step 2: Teach

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This guide is designed with two goals in mind.

Part One ~ Curriculum Guide explains the curriculum and provides an overview of what you get when you purchase the curriculum; in other words, it answers the basic question: What is Schola Rosa?

Part Two ~ Promotional Guide offers some advice (especially for directors) about how, practically, to set up a co-op and show others the curriculum. We have tried to reflect upon our experience with co-ops nationwide and provide the best, practical insights.Hopefully, there is something for both the experienced and inexperienced director.


If you are hoping to start a co-op, please contact us at scholarosa@gmail.com for help, at any time.


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