Home Curriculum

Home Curriculum at a glance. 

  • Elementary ~ PreK to 6th Grade
    • Full Curriculum ~ Mathematics, Science, History, Language Arts (including phonics & reading), Music, Latin/Greek, Geography, Religion, Art, Virtue
    • Classically Catholic Memory ~ By special arrangment a customized version of CCM is integrated 
  • Middle School ~ 7th to 8th Grade
    • Full Curriculum ~ Mathematics, Science, History, Great Books, Grammar, Logic, Latin, Composition, Study Skills
  • High School ~ 9th to 12th Grade
    • Select courses available
  • Integrated Family Schedule ~ The curriculum is organized such that all your children are on roughly the same topics at different levels at the same time, creating a shared educational experience and making organization easier for the parent.
  • Cyclic Arrangment~ The curriculum is organized around a repeating cycle of topics in History & Science. 
  • Online Based ~ The majority of the curriculum is delivered digitally via access to an online suite of materials.  This allows it to be extensive and inexpensive.
  • All-in-One ~ Lesson plans, activities, printables, video, audiobooks, digital library are all included with enrollment
  • Calendar ~ 30 units of lessons per year
  • Support ~ Consultations and community support year-round

How does it work?

Step 1.
Sign up and receive a login and password.


Step 2.
Select the week's lesson plans and activities.


Step 3.
Print consumables and gather materials.


Step 4.
Use the suite as needed during the week.



What is included?

See sample materials

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