Schola Rosa Curriculum

Home Curriculum at a glance.

  • Elementary ~ PreK to 6th Grade
    • Full Curriculum ~ Mathematics, Science, History, Language Arts (including phonics & reading), Music, Latin/Greek, Geography, Religion, Art, Virtue
    • Classically Catholic Memory ~ By special arrangment a customized version of CCM is integrated
  • Middle School ~ 7th to 8th Grade
    • Full Curriculum ~ Mathematics, Science, History, Great Books, Grammar, Logic, Latin, Composition, Study Skills
  • High School ~ 9th to 12th Grade
    • Select courses available
  • Integrated Family Schedule ~ The curriculum is organized such that all your children are on roughly the same topics at different levels at the same time, creating a shared educational experience and making organization easier for the parent.
  • Cyclic Arrangment~ The curriculum is organized around a repeating cycle of topics in History & Science.
  • Online Based ~ The majority of the curriculum is delivered digitally via access to an online suite of materials.  This allows it to be extensive and inexpensive.
  • All-in-One ~ Lesson plans, activities, printables, video, audiobooks, digital library are all included with enrollment
  • Calendar ~ 30 units of lessons per year
  • Support ~ Consultations and community support year-round


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