Once Schola Rosa families enroll, they receive a unique user name and password to log-in to the curriculum. 


Click Here to Log-in to Curriculum.


Find Out More about the Curriculum:

  • Overview – Read about the program and download the “Schola Rosa Curriculum Guide” for details. 
  • Cycles – Explore the Cycles at a Glance. 
  • Grades – Look at the Cycles by Grade Range.
  • Subjects – Read about each Subject in more detail.
  • New in 2017 – Discover what’s new this coming year!
  • Log-In – Log-in for Families already in the curriculum or see Samples as a guest. 

“I have two in the K-1st class, one in the 2nd-3rd class, and 1 in the 4-6 class. I love doing art, science, and music at the co-op because they have never been a huge priority for me at home. The History and Memory Work are also helpful and the kids enjoy it. I will also say that the writing in language for my 4-6 grader is helpful because he needs the practice.” ~ Parent 

The teacher materials available online greatly reduce the amount of time needed in preparation for class each week. Often there are reading selections and activities to print directly from the site. The teacher prep time can be used reviewing these materials in preparation for presenting them to the class, as opposed to spending hours looking for appropriate content on the internet.” ~ Teacher

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